About Us

In January 2004, rhrjobs.com, the fastest growing and most innovative Indian online recruitment portal, was born with a mission to reach out to all Indians in the country and abroad and provide them with the best career opportunities available. Its focus was to ensure their skills were showcased and matched suitably with the HR requirements of employers from diverse industries, in a timesaving and cost-efficient manner. Its concentrated approach has made TimesJobs.com the blue-eyed boy of recruiters and aspirants alike.

rhrjobs.com, had achieved the distinction of becoming India's No.1 recruitment portal in India in April 2007, with the largest number of active jobseekers and a database of over 10 million candidates with over 20,000 new resumes added every day, we offer one of the largest database of active jobseekers in India today. In addition, thousands of better paying jobs available from more than 25,000 rhrjobs.com clients, including blue-chip companies from India and abroad, ensures that the search always yields results.

In April 2012, the company launch of its International portal, rhrjobs.com with DASHBOARD, becoming the first Indian job site with an international footprint. The Gulf portal is intended as a platform where companies based in Globe converge with talent from India to satisfy their HR requirements. Not only that, residents of this region can apply for jobs in any countries and India, through rhrjobs.com.

Smart Spectrum of Services

What make us stand out from a number of other available jobsites are our unique and most user-friendly services. In rhrjobs.com, we constantly strive to make the online job-hunting experience even better and more convenient. We recently launched the world's first Voice Resume Service. The entire technology of this voice suite exclusively resides on www.timesjobs.com portal.

In order for the candidate to be a contender for positions across industries of various companies, the portal has a unique functionality that it allows a job seeker to post multiple resumes. Candidates also have the advantage of submitting three separate and industry-specific resumes.

Resumes are the critical factors that ensure candidates get interview calls. Magic Resume' was launched to provide candidates with resumes that most competently reflect their qualifications and experience, drawing upon the proficiency of qualified HR experts for this process. As an extension of its core philosophy of connecting aspirants to the job opportunity, rhrjobs.com commenced the 'Resume Zapper' service, which gives the candidate's resume direct access to over 1200 of the best placement consultants in India and abroad.

True Convergence of Technology

rhrjobs.com has achieved true convergence of technology and has integrated print, electronic, telecom & internet media seamlessly with a host of initiatives. With it's alliances with The RHR GROUP services.

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